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Title: Fighting and Fountains
Fandom: The West Wing
Pairing: Josh/Donna, UST (for. the. moment.)
Rating: R PG-13, but whatever happens in your head I'm not responsible for. Honest.
Author's Note: If you want to find someone to blame for this, it's all Caz's fault, although she did look it over for me, so I guess we're even. The idea of Wet!Josh seems to be rather... virulent. *sigh* It's a hard life being a Brad Fangirl (we're getting jackets made.).

There could be a 'part two'. Watch this space.


Nov. 14th, 2006

The man who sold me sweets during my entire school life died today. Mum used to work for him so she's pretty upset, though she'd never admit it. He had been suffering from lung cancer for about six months, but a heart-attack killed him. I used to call him 'Uncle Peter'.

Also, I don't think I'll be able to go to my grandmother's christmas party this year, because I'll be in smelly london watching smelly compulsory plays. Had a bit of a cry earlier, because this essay is so, so bad, and things have just been craptacular. Plus I have four hours in SPAR tomorrow. Oh work, how I hate thee.


This is for biginjapan, who wanted CJ and Josh, more friendship than relationship, boredom and lunch. I'm sorry it's not long, but I tried out a different style that, well... Didn't really run for as long as I'd hoped. Also, it's pretty late. Damn Uni eating up all my time. P.S. Thought I'd use some Sorkin, because 'mushmouse' and 'pumpkinpuss' never fail to make me giggle.

“I don’t want fries.”

Under the cutCollapse )
This is this months' tww_minis fic. It has been a battle, and I'm not entirely sure that it fits what was requested exactly, but I tried. Thanks to keep_warm for her valid input, and more thanks go to caz963 for sitting on MSN and helping me weedle out the bad writing - You rock, you know that?

Extra points to the reader who picks out the blatant thievery of a Sports Night idea. :)

This is for tyg_nyw, who requested Toby, Andi and CJ, pre-season stuff. I sort of mangled the Toby/Andi and CJ/Toby to get a big mess. I'm guessing it isn't what you'd imagined.


Aug. 24th, 2006



Title: Telling Lies 
Rating: PG-13 
Word-Count: ~2,500
Pairing: Josh/Donna, Donna&Sam friendship.
Synopsis: Donna and Sam have a few drinks and a heart to heart, and Josh gets involved. It's pretty straightforward, actually. Set during the campaign. Mentions of 17 People and ITSOTG.
Disclaimer Not mine, never will be. :( 


Life on Hiatus - TWW_minis entry.

Well, it's late, but finally I've finished. :)

Recipient: thecolourclear
Character you'd like paired with Sam:  Lisa
2 or 3 elements you'd like included in the story: 'I just found out there's no such thing as the real world, just a lie you've got to rise above', and backstory -- just before Sam leaves to join the Bartlet campaign, or somewhere close to then.
2 elements you *don't* want in the story: Nothing past the pilot, I suppose. I want backstory!
Rating Preference (if any): Nothing higher than pg-13


Here's my entry for the Donna leg of this ficathon. Many thanks to the wonderful celbalrai for being a short-notice beta.

For: fluffybkitty

Character you'd like paired with Donna: C.J.
2 or 3 elements you'd like included in the story: A night-flight on Airforce 1, set pre-Season 6.

2 elements you *don't* want in the story: Anything goes!
Rating Preference (if any): Anything goes!